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Wrinkle Roll-on Serum

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Wrinkle Roll-on Serum


  • Self-home-care product which can do trouble intensive care at home which usually get at the shop.

  • Trouble intensive care spot and eye cream product.

  • Enhances smile line degraded elasticity, wrinkles around eyes, neck wrinkle. Improves wrinkle.

  • As a roll-on product which rolls with three balls, maximizes cosmetic effect with massage effect and fresh cool feeling.

  • Cool+ Sanitary+ Massage+ Absorptive
    - Anti- Wrinkle Functionality
    - Enhances elasticity
    - Sagging smile line & eye spot
    - No color agent, No Paraben ingredients


A wrinkle spot roll-on which intensively cares eye rim and smile line that lose elasticity and sag easily. Containing adenosine, anti-wrinkle functional ingredient and camellia oil, helps make eye rim and smile line part that is prone to dry due to a lot of movement, elastic and moist skin.

│Main Ingredients│

Camellia Oil, Pomegranate tree extract, Adenosin, Evening primrose oil, Adenosin,Evening primrose oil,Camellia Oil, Pomegranate tree extract.

│How to use│

  1. After using tonic, press the tube gently to make the content out, and roll softly on the eye rim or smile line
  2. After rolling 1~3minutes, Tap it by hands for absorption.


  • Payment : Irrevocable Transferable L/C at sight OR TT OR To be discussed
  • Expiration Date
    - 3years from date of manufacture